Eiger Excelsior 75+15L Borneo

Eiger Excelsior 75+15L Borneo

Point : 1.880

  • Material: Nylon & Cordura material is used in all parts of the outer body of the backpack to ensure the strength of the backpack and is able to deal with extreme use.
  • Capacity: This Carrier EIGER with a capacity of 75 + 15 L is one of the products of the Black Borneo Series specifically designed to support long-term exploration with diverse tropical terrain characteristics.
  • Series: Black Borneo.

  • Backsystem that has been adjusted to the size of an Indonesian torso.
  • Equipped with ERGOSPINO Dual Frame Technology to maintain the backbone to be comfortable and safe and have good air circulation, so that it will make your back comfortable and body temperature stable.
  • This Excelsior 75 + 15 L has been successfully tested for its durability at the 2016 Black Borneo Expedition which paved the way to the peak of Beriun Raya in East Kalimantan.


Color: Black Orange.

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